Lagos Tourism Information
The Romans gave the name of "Lacobriga" to the town but its natural river port would indicate very much earlier occupation. It was captured from the Moors in 1189 but it was not until 1249 that it was finally claimed by Dom Afonso III and integrated into the kingdom of the Algarve. This historic town has played an important part in the story of discovery and conquering the rest of the world. It was from this very harbour that Vasco da Gama sailed in 1499 on his historic and epic discovery voyage.
It was the capital of the Algarve from 1578 until 1756 and there remain several ancient buildings to testify to its historic glory. From its port maritime expeditions were embarked upon to discover the world at the orders of Prince Henry the Navigator. Also, the armada of 800 vessels led by the ill-fated heir to the throne Dom Sebastião embarked upon from Lagos in 1578 to capture the town of Ceuta in Morocco.

 It is written that the very first time the the later to become famous explorer Columbus from Genoa set foot in the Iberian Peninsular, was when the inhabitants of Lagos saved him and other sailors from the shipwreck of a vessel in which he was travelling. Essentially now an important tourist town there are still many architectural signs of its ancient past, even a building dating originally back to around 1445 and is recorded as being Europe's first building used as a slave-market. The walls of the town in the most part remain after sections were restored.
Attached to the famous 17th century "gold" church of Santo António there is a small museum of regional items, some of which are quite odd! There are several interesting statues erected to the famous figures of the past that are associated with the history of this town. None more controversial that the sculpture of Dom Sebastião standing in the main square in front of the Town Hall. A more recently erected statue commemorates the Algarve's only Saint, São Gonçalo de Lagos who was born in 1360 and died in 1422 in Torres Vedras. Pope Pio VI raised him to Sainthood in 1778. The town's more recently constructed Marina presents a lovely picture and this harbour is the first sight a visitor has of Lagos. Besides the boats that find it convenient as a permanent mooring it is usually full of yachts passing through, to and from the Mediterranean. The municipal council has constructed a modern Cultural Centre in which various exhibitions and culturally related events are held during the year. In the Marina different boat tours and deep sea-fishing outings can be booked.
May - Feira Coral do Algarve (Choral)
29th and 30th July - Feira da Arte Doce (Sweets)
August - Feira da Gastronomia (Food)
15th August - Feira de N. Sra. Da Glória
12th October - Feira de Outubro
27th October - Feira de S. Gonçalo
22nd to 24th November - Feira Franca de Lagos
28th of every month - Flea Market - (Barão de São João)
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