Flight Tips and Cheap Flights

Most people travel to their holiday destination by plane and there is a huge variety of regular, charter and cheap flights available with low cost airlines and also many major airlines offer cheap flights with no hidden extras. Package holidays will incude all tavel necesities including charter flights but you may want to make your own custom holiday and therefore need to book flights.

We recommend British Airways who offer cheap flights worldwide, with very competitive prices and transparency from the beginning of the booking process. With much more comfort and luggage allowances (23kg on most flights) Complimentary food, drinks and snacks etc. (Although this may change soon on short haul flights. Iberia also has some very good offers and also their cheaper airline Vueling. It pays to check these sites as if you need to take a fair bit of luggage it can work out cheaper than on the Low Cost airlines.


  • Before you book your flight enquire about how much space there is between seats as this may greatly influence your choice on a long haul flight. On short flights this is not so important unless you have special needs.
  • Check the airlines reliability on arriving on time as delays will take precious time from your holiday.
  • Booking a flight very early will not nessecarily mean you will find the best offer as many low cost airlines will reduce the price a couple of months before departure date.
  • If you can be more flexible on dates of your flights you may find a good bargain on cheap flights

When flying with babies and small children there are several things you may want to take into consideration

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